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Syncleus publishes many useful and beneficial programs under our licenses. We try to release as many of our projects as possible under the type C license since it allows the most freedom; when it comes to open-source freedom is everything. On occasion we may choose to release products under more restrictive versions of our license that aren't considered open by OSI standards like the Type R. We feel, in those cases, that it is better to release it under a license that keeps the source code available, even if it isn't OSI compliant, rather then keep it proprietary.

We believe in the open-source philosophy and are happy to contribute to the open-source community with our projects. Its our effort to grow and move forward as a global community. We hope to provide the world with useful, cutting edge technologies and encourage others in the open-source community to join us. We are proud to offer the projects here to the world to better who we are as a people.

For a complete list of projects check out the project category, some of our most popular projects include the following: